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I only want you to be happy - Preface
Some people believe in destiny. Others are convinced that soulmates do exist. Still there are others who believe that everything is the will of God. In one way or another, or maybe there is no apparent reason, it happens that many times we see two lives – which, from their past or from their history, it is not possible to imagine them as united, because they climb different and distant paths – which according to what physics says about parallels: their union or meeting is in infinity. This infinity, in the physics vision of things, can be unattainable. However man in the image and likeness of God, has as infinity all his life plan mixed to the spiritual plan, something which has no beginning nor end permeated by moments which we can dimension: our individual life.
Brian Eyre was born in – and for us Brazilians – distant Ireland. His education rested on apparent pillars – only apparent – which are different to ours. He received a religious education and took as his goal the missionary life. And something beyond our imagination lead him to Brazil. Although Brazil is very big he became attached to a small Christian community in a Northeastern city.
Marta Isabel was born in this Northeastern Brazilian city, however at a time when Brian was just a distant stranger. Her life examples which she got from her family and her solid religious belief also made her follow a religious career, in the area of youth education. And it was with this standard of living that she followed orders to spread education in other regions of the Northeast until at a certain determined moment she arrived in that community which had received Brian.
A man and a woman, with the resolute intention of spreading education and religion, and for this purpose they could have followed their parallel paths, met that infinite point and their parallel lives felt a mutual attraction, the power that unites a man and a woman.
Both were following orders and human decisions which determined the celibate life, solitary as regards sex, but supportive as regards the human aspect. Human orders do not overlap with divine designs, designs which reveal themselves by physical characteristics well studied and not elucidated, the attraction between a certain man and a certain woman.
Now, in God’s way of seeing things there are not exclusive conditions, not from the point of view of a man and a woman. Standards can be flattened and – if they are not – circumvented.
If on the one hand – in the case of Brian – there was a delay in accepting his request for a dispensation from celibacy but there was a receptivity on the part of his superiors, on the other hand – in the case of Marta – the acceptivity was quick, but the receptivity by her superiors left a lot to be desired!
The life example, the resignation, the overcoming of difficulties and the perseverance of the two religious who joined in matrimony without loosing their religiousness, deserved – and deserve – to be told in a book like this, to the delight of their many friends who witnessed, respected and supported this union with their prayers and affectionate words, as well as a huge mass who still resist the breaking of unusual precepts, so that in these cases this beautiful story serves as an example.
Paulo Camelo
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